Run of River

SkowheganRunOfRiver_CMYK-01Run of River is a proposed whitewater recreation area in and around the Kennebec River Gorge that will enhance quality of life for residents and position Skowhegan as a tourist destination. Features will include a whitewater play park with enhanced rapids and waves for kayakers, canoeists, and other water enthusiasts; terraced seating; a four-season trail system for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and more; pristine fishing waters with improved fish habitat; a boathouse and events venue; a riverfront promenade; and an array of parks for nature-based tourism.

A strategic community development project designed to improve quality of life and place, Run of River will diversify the economy, spur business development and tourism, create jobs, attract entrepreneurs and new residents, improve health and wellness of citizens, engage local youth, and transform Skowhegan into an even more vibrant, bustling cultural center for years to come.

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For more information, check out the following documents—and don't forget to peruse the slideshow below for a glimpse at all the potential of Skowhegan's river, parks, and trails.

Envisioning Run of River
An artist’s rendering illustrates a portion of the whitewater park.
Rafting on the Kennebec
The Kennebec River has always been Skowhegan's lifeblood, and the town celebrates it each summer during River Fest.
Old Mill Pub on the River
A local landmark, the Old Mill Pub is housed in a former mill with beautiful water views.
Late Spring in Coburn Park
This in-town oasis along the river features more than 100 species of trees and shrubs.
Swiftwater Rescue
A student at the Somerset Career & Technical Center takes part in a rescue lesson in the Kennebec in downtown Skowhegan.
On the Banks of Two Rivers
The jewel-like hues of autumn are on display at Skowhegan's Two Rivers Campground, on the banks of the Kennebec River and Wesserunsett Stream.
Annual Sundowner Canoe and Kayak Race
This recreational 3-mile race is a Skowhegan classic.
Annual Glow Stick River Run
Paddlers are equipped with glow sticks for a visually compelling experience.
Skowhegan's Iconic Swinging Bridge
Previous bridges at this location date to the late 1800s, and the current Swinging Bridge has been delighting locals and visitors since 1936.
Winter Sunrise
A resplendent sunrise casts a colorful glow over the town along the river.
Idyllic Downtown
The Kennebec River dam in downtown Skowhegan is captured in this artistic photo.
Debe Park River Walk
This paved trail offers serene river views as well as fitness stations and benches.
Paddling the Kennebec
Clayton Cole, president of the American Canoe Association, New England division, takes to the water in downtown Skowhegan.
Delightful Autumn in Skowhegan
The Kennebec River is flanked by the robust colors of fall.
Winter Beauty
Coburn Park is quiet and lovely amid sunshine and snow.